The Musical Journey of Victor DiMarko


"I just didn't fit in. 

I felt like I was trying to be someone I'm not."


Victor was born in Long Island, NY on June 27th, 1981. Starting at age 2 when his interest in music sparked, Victor’s musical gift & passion has only continued to grow and develop throughout the years. He took pride in singing for & entertaining any crowd that was put in front of him. As Victor reached age 7, his interest in music blossomed even further. His father would play the guitar around the house as young Victor observed in awe and admiration. Wanting nothing more than to play the guitar himself, he ultimately convinced his mother to pay for guitar lessons, where he learned the foundation for all that he is today in his music career. Through the guitar lessons, Victor was so musically advanced at seven that his guitar teacher was already teaching him major & minor chord progressions. Shortly before his eighth birthday, Victor wrote his first ever song and took immense pride in playing it for his family & friends whenever the opportunity arose. They were blown away with his ability to not only sing and play guitar, but also to also write his own music. At the age of twelve, Victor was classified as a musical prodigy. He competed in dozens of Battle of the Bands competitions. People were mesmerized by Victor's gifted voice and undeniable stage presence. By 18, Victor had developed into a natural-born star. His songwriting abilities had grown tremendously at this point, as he had already written hundreds of songs. Victor credits his father for the strong country music influence he experienced as a child. But, Garth Brooks was Victor's strongest influence of all. Young Victor loved Garth’s voice & music so much, that it branded him "A country boy from New York." Years later, in his twenties, Victor struggled with his musical identity. Uncertain as to which style music he belonged to. Consequently, he ventured off into alternative rock, which was very popular in the early 90's. Victor dug deeper into the world of rock for 10+ years and, through hard work, he earned a finalist slot on America's Got Talent. As Victor reached his early 30's, his discontent with rock music grew, causing him to return to his country music roots.

DiMarko recalls..." I just didn't fit in".
"I felt like I was trying to be someone I'm not".

Victor returned to country music on fire! In 2016 he packed up and headed to Nashville, TN. After spending over a year in Nashville collaborating with other country song writers, attending several songwriting conventions, spending countless long hours in the studio, working hard, and maintaining his fiery determination, Victor rebuilt himself into the country power house he has always been. With Victor's unique power ballad voice and songwriting abilities, he is, without a doubt, the most unique male vocalist to take the stage in Nashville! Victor DiMarko has already made his footprint in Nashville, where many of his live performances steal the spotlight. The response from his fans & crowds was overwhelming! Victor has recently been invited back to Nashville to perform throughout the year in his quest to launch his social media campaign and build his brand!

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